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As to the reasons Robin and you can Barney Ran Incorrect – The way i Found Your own Mother

As to the reasons Robin and you can Barney Ran Incorrect – The way i Found Your own Mother

Robin and you may Barney have been the nice like facts out-of The way i Satisfied The Mommy. Precisely how did its love break apart while they checked eg one or two peas inside the good pod? What might had been a much better endpoint of these strange lovebirds? Within this movies, we talk about the highs and lows of your Robin/Barney romance, and where they wound up.

How i Satisfied Their Mom showcased that these characters are two peas during the an effective pod-that they like yet things, set relationship first, and generally are complete union-phobes. In the event the anyone can make these love-skeptics should relax, it’s each other. And also the show creates to your climax of the relationship, setting the complete last seasons from inside the week-end of the nuptials.

However, anyway that, the fresh Robin and Barney relationship culminates into the a marriage you to (i quickly discover regarding next-to-last occurrence) persists only a few decades. Because the jolting and discouraging because this is for fans who had spent regarding the pair, the fact is, things constantly believed a small away from about the thought of Robin and you can Barney delivering partnered.

And not as the show founders got age. A lot of Robin and Barney’s relationship discontentment appears to be the latest equipment when trying to make by themselves towards rigid cultural boxes one usually do not complement him or her. Here’s all of our Deal with as to the reasons Robin and you will Barney was basically never ever suggested to get rid of right up partnered together, and for you to fact, to individuals.

Whenever we consider Barney and Robin’s close pasts, it will become very clear one none ones is truly correct in order to a good hyper-old-fashioned monogamous dating

While making sense of Robin and you can Barney as the a few, consider each other given that some one, you start with new Barnacle themselves. If you’ve spotted actually a couple of seconds of your own early 12 months off How i Came across Their Mom, might has appropriately deduced you to “wed” try the last thing with the Barney’s to help you-carry out list, someplace lower than “end wear serves” and you will “stop creating secret tips.”

If you are Ted seemingly have leave the brand new uterus want to repay down, Barney feels as though a physiological bachelor. And he’s keen on Robin accurately since the she affirms quite a few of a similar viewpoints he keeps.

Barney: “We both believe the wedding and you may connection thing’s a drag. Both of us wanted one thing casual and you can fun. And now we certainly go along really well.” 1×14

Barney isn’t really wanting a spouse, he’s seeking an effective wingman (or wingwoman) that he’s along with extremely attracted to https://datingmentor.org/pl/uberhorny-recenzja/. This is actually a portion of the first step toward what is fit regarding the relationships. While Ted’s personal aspirations having Robin encompass turning the woman to your some thing she is maybe not, Barney likes the girl to possess who she already is actually.

Nonetheless, this psychology doesn’t always add up to a functional relationships trend from the old-fashioned standards. In spite of how recognizing Robin try of Barney’s passion for people, in certain cases it becomes next to crossing a column. At the same time, Barney’s most other relationship on inform you stick out a light toward strong-resting problems that remain him off ever going the distance. The latest more-the-most useful prenup he tries to impose towards Quinn ahead of their marriage suggests their dependence on control and you can inability to believe. Which have Norah, he’s issues are honest on the who he is really, after that hacks for her having Robin. And so you’re able to his complications with manage and unfaithfulness, Barney struggles for the really thought of getting a traditional companion.

The entire reason why Robin seems to be brand new exception to this rule, disproving Barney’s obvious incapacity to-be a sweetheart or husband, would be the fact she vacation trips regarding many regular relationship criterion

While Ted criticizes Robin to make people feel she doesn’t you prefer him or her, Barney thinks it is super. And you will in the place of early in the day couples whom wished Barney to quit his bachelor means, Robin in the course of time claims the guy keep their fortress away from solitude only the ways it’s.